The making of “Old Smoking Woman”

Since I am back in Germany I have a lot of time to waste. Therefore I started painting again.

First of all I had to buy new colors, the old ones are already dried.
As a beginner it doesn’t matter which brand you buy. They just need to be cheap since I need a lot of them.
Further I bought turpentine/ white spirit as well. And I found linseed oil in the fridge.

Let’s get started! This morning I woke up and thought about an old woman, sitting alone at the table. Smoking.This should be my subject for the painting.
I took an old canvas where I have already started another painting before. The red/purple background was supposed to be a sunset earlier. Its not a curtain 😉 .

I started drawing the head – the wrinkles took me about 4 hours.

Old Smoking Women -1

Afterwards I drew the body – and figured out that it is a bit to little for the head.

Old Smoking Women -3


The foundation of the table was next, but then I had to stop because oil colors need a certain time until they dry.

Therefore I will draw her hair and the background next week.