Recently I’ve been to Stockholm to visit a friend of mine.
Since it was the first time in the city, we did a lot of touristic stuff.

But no worries, I wont bore you with a long, long, long, long, […], long description of what I did and what I ate.
I would like to introduce you to my 10-things-that-need-to-be-done-in-a-city list. Of course this list is based on what I did otherwise I could barely recommend it. I guess I will continue this concept in the future. 😉


1. Stadshuset – The Stockholm City Hall
Besides its political function the City Hall is the place were the Nobel Prize banquet is held on 10 December every year.
If you wanna see it from inside, you have to take a guided tour. Its about 10€ but I can really recommend it.

2. Gamla Stan – Old Town
Its just really nice to walk through all those small and tiny alleys, stop for some souvenirs or eat ice cream.

3. The Royal Palace
This impressive building is the official residence of the King of Sweden. Nice to see and its next to Gamla Stan.

4. The Vasamuseum
“King Gustavus wanted the whole world to see his ship. By sinking on its maiden voyage the ship has been seen by more people nowadays than could have been seen in the 17th century.” For just 10€ this museum is a must-do!

6. Drottningholm Palace
The Drottningholm Palace is the Royal Family’s permanent residence and its on UNESCO’s World Heritage list. It was built in the 17th century and gives some royal history impressions. I don’t think you have to go inside. By the way Drottning means Queen.

7. Fairy from Drottningholm to Stadshuset
Since the Drottningholm Palace is located a bit outside of the city a fairy is an easy and great way to get back to the centre while seeing Stockholm from the waterside. It costs around 10€.

8. Icebar by Icehotel
To be honest, you get cold after 30 minutes and I think its more fun if you go with a lots of people. We were just 10 people totally in there since my friend and me went pretty early (around 7pm on a friday). But its worth an experience and I think the Icehotel in the north must be amazing!

9. Kungsträdgården
Its a nice meeting and hanging out place in the centre of the city. Also the shopping area is close. Go there fore eating/ having a drink or two.

10. Buy a Dalarna Horse
I am not really familiar with the story, but its about Prinz Erik and his magic horse. Anyways the red horses have become popular in Swedish culture and history and its a nice souvenir.

As I told you this post is quite short and meant as an overview only. 😉 

FranziDalarna Horse

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