Flea Market, Fairfax West Hollywood

Hi guys,

this weekend I went on a trip to LA to see Venice Beach, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills and of course HOLLYWOOD! From saturday to sunday I stayed in the Banana Bangalow Hostel in West Hollywood, Fairfax Street. Besides the hostel I can really recommend the Flea Market on the other side of the street, which I visited on sunday: paying $2 charity, you get a hugh range of stuff – whether you are looking for vintage furniture, bracelets, necklesses, boots, bags, lovely dresses, shorts, t-shirts, tank tops or paintings or photographies. They have everything. Only safety rule: Don’t take more money with you then you are willing to spend. I promise you, you are going to spend it there!

Fairfax -1


Fairfax -2

Fairfax -3

Fairfax -4

Fairfax -5