Driving ATVs in Glamis – On Day in the desert

Hey guys,

as you may noticed I was a little lazy writing posts during my semester abroad.
Well, i have an excuse: I was busy doing other things then writing!
But I don’t want to hide what I experienced there, therefore I am going back in time and tell you all the stuff I did:

It’s the 17th of November, a sunny day but a bit chilly. My friend and me got up at 7:30am and left the house around 8 to meet the boys at the grocery store. After buying some food and lots of water our group of 8 people started the road trip. Since I rented a car, a nice and comfy Nissan Altima, I was one of the two drivers. Our destination: Glamis ATv Rental

Glamis -1

The way is pretty simple – we just followed the Interstate 5 East ’bout 2 hours and then the CA-78 East about 40 minutes. With every mile we drove the temperature went up. Reaching Glamis we had about 85 degree. Perfect weather to spend the day out!

Glamis -2

At the rental place we tried to put in words what we saw: tons and tons of sand. Incredible. Amazing. Like a big playground for children, just bigger. Standing there looking around we suddenly heard noise. Two quads were reaching us. The guy we rented the machines from and his friend. Both seemed quite busy and talked very fast about different types of machines we could rent. My friend and me let the boys handle this conversation and finally we ended up with 3 single quads and one quad for 2 people.

Glamis -3

Glamis -4

Then we could start and i can tell you I was really afraid the first 20 minutes. It’s a weird feeling driving on dunes like it was nothing – and sometimes you don’t even see were you drive because it’s so steep! Additionally my friend made her drivers license just 6 month ago. So was her driving style. But by the time I got used to it.
After two hours we changed the 2-people quad for 2 more single quads, because those are way more fun.

Alternately we discovered the open terrain, but we never saw the end. Just dunes after dunes. Of course there is the possibility to get lost, but from time to time some staff people catch you asking how lost you are. At least if you remember north and south you always make your way back to the camp.

Glamis -6

By the end of the day – when the sun went down – we get stucked around 5 times (once next to a giant spider!), we lost and found each other about 3 times and we had sand EVERYWHERE! We were pretty exhausted but it was totally worth it. We paid $70 per person for 5 hours of driving with 5 quads, gas included. We already knew on our way back to San Diego, that this will be one of those days you never forget.

Glamis -5

PS: We were wondering the whole day why “desert” is spelled with one “s” while “dessert” is written with two. According to the pronunciation, this makes no sense at all.



Tomorrowland 2013


Have you ever been at Tomorrowland? Not me!
Recently a friend from Sweden told me about it and i’ll try to make it there this year!

Tomorrowland is an amazing Dance-Festival, which takes place in a small town called “Boom” in Belgium.
During 3 days Tomorrowland visitors can enjoy 300 DJ’s on 16 stages – among them e.g. Swedish House Mafia, David Guetta, Avicii, Roger Sanchez, Paul van Dyk, Fatboy Slim, Martin Solveig, Carl Cox, Sven Väth and more.

In 2012 the 180,000 tickets were already sold out in a few seconds (source: WAZ).

This year Tomorrowland is happening from the 26th-28th of July.
Ticketsale starts worldwide on the 16th of February (5pm CET). But you would have to pre-register till the 7th of February. Tickets sell for 200€ for all 3 days and around 100€ per day.

I am pretty excited and hopefully I will get one of those desirable tickets! Keep your fingers crossed for me!


The making of “Old Smoking Woman”

Since I am back in Germany I have a lot of time to waste. Therefore I started painting again.

First of all I had to buy new colors, the old ones are already dried.
As a beginner it doesn’t matter which brand you buy. They just need to be cheap since I need a lot of them.
Further I bought turpentine/ white spirit as well. And I found linseed oil in the fridge.

Let’s get started! This morning I woke up and thought about an old woman, sitting alone at the table. Smoking.This should be my subject for the painting.
I took an old canvas where I have already started another painting before. The red/purple background was supposed to be a sunset earlier. Its not a curtain 😉 .

I started drawing the head – the wrinkles took me about 4 hours.

Old Smoking Women -1

Afterwards I drew the body – and figured out that it is a bit to little for the head.

Old Smoking Women -3


The foundation of the table was next, but then I had to stop because oil colors need a certain time until they dry.

Therefore I will draw her hair and the background next week.

Flea Market, Fairfax West Hollywood

Hi guys,

this weekend I went on a trip to LA to see Venice Beach, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills and of course HOLLYWOOD! From saturday to sunday I stayed in the Banana Bangalow Hostel in West Hollywood, Fairfax Street. Besides the hostel I can really recommend the Flea Market on the other side of the street, which I visited on sunday: paying $2 charity, you get a hugh range of stuff – whether you are looking for vintage furniture, bracelets, necklesses, boots, bags, lovely dresses, shorts, t-shirts, tank tops or paintings or photographies. They have everything. Only safety rule: Don’t take more money with you then you are willing to spend. I promise you, you are going to spend it there!

Fairfax -1


Fairfax -2

Fairfax -3

Fairfax -4

Fairfax -5